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"Ursula Ray is a mature designer and this can be seen in what she proposes. Especially in the first proposed collection. It is, after all, sixties! And it does not matter. You can do this nowadays. Additionally, those lines seem surprisingly modern, even avant-garde today. They are simple, the whole is  boxy, but people like them much. The second collection is a collection of dresses made ​​of silk. Here, the line and the cut are forced by the material. The outfits are soft, delicate but also quite frugal. And elegant. This elegant indeed applies to the entire collection. There was even a wedding dress. It might not be the number one of the collection, but it was a nice change among still dominant laces. There was applause, of course, people simply enjoyed the collection."


Klub Intergacji Europejskiej



 “In the original and harmonised way she combines classic and modernity, bearing in mind that the collections are feminine, light and romantic. In her outfits, you can feel amazing simplicity. Whether they are very delicate, ethereal or more "geometric" , they are always very clear in terms of form.

It is evident influence of "logical programming" thinking , but, in this case, it is only an advantage. This is the uniqueness of created forms and the ability to create and maintain a self-imposed style.” 


Kazimierz Pelczar